Artist Biography

Born in Queens, New York, I was a bit of a sullen girl, reading, drawing, and loving the frightening games kids can only play outside when it’s DARK.  Merge that with Catholic School and I ended up with a scary imagination.  After a few pitiful college experiences, I landed at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.  Had a great time.  After traveling many roads, I landed in Florida.  Later, I received an English degree at Florida Atlantic University.  I got married, taught English and Art to Florida students for 22 years, and reared two perfect sons.
In my “spare time,” I painted.  Now, I paint and use “spare time” for everything else.  I exhibit my paintings in art shows and galleries in New York, Connecticut and Florida.  My depictions of vanishing orange groves and apple orchards now belong to private collections in the United States, Europe and South America.

Artist Statement

I cannot overthink a painting.  It's better to simply squeeze a tube and start.  I never have a palette prepared, and I grab color as it strikes me.

I paint vases with flowers that capture the fleeting pleasure of doomed beauty.   I paint Florida’s vanishing orange groves, decimated by disease and development but still bearing fruit that glows in the dark.

When I paint The Atlantic Ocean, weather and mood control the brushes and tubes.  I live there, on that shore, where the natural world breathes.   Knowing when to stop is the hardest part. Sooner is usually better.

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Teaching Art


Art from the Blue House

The Artist at Home Series : 'Keep the evil spirit away' blue... Lou Mullan


Teaching Art

It is always a fun privilege getting a peek into the home of an artist right?

This place  that helps them create,
 this refuge that feeds their work. 
where experiments with color and mishaps are concurrent.
where life and art intermingle.
Some artist's homes are modest.. Some are amazingly pristine and carefully ordered with drawing spaces, painting galleries, and meditation zones. 
Some are a study of chaos, 
but in all of them... the artists are inspired to beautifully create. 
and so....we continue in the series...
Join me.
Enter Local artistLou Mullan.
Beloved former art teacher, Creator, Dancer, Soul of a Gypsy
Color Whisperer. People Gatherer.
upon stepping up to her 'keep the evil spirits away blue' cottage
a particularly striking shade
you are met by a totem of gathered faces
created, in part, by those of us at one of her parties
given a handful of clay...we created faces as we talked....ate...drank.
People gatherer.
Inside her abode is a kaleidoscope of color
with art mostly hers on the walls
jewel colored glass languidly dangling in front of kitchen windows
walls of art books.
 Everything is a depicted by the back of the vintage
dining room hutch.
Now hidden. But the entire back is  alight with this painting
grapefruit groves at sunrise
looking can see the swirls of color behind the Asian relic.
cookie jars collected for decades line her kitchen...and to be fair...the wine and liquor bottles
were from another fun people gathering this weekend.
he bathroom even houses favorite art
and gatherings....
this of collected shells....with faces.
A seashell party.
if she had a spirit animal...It would probably be the crow
prominent in her work
almost human in their expression.
Art and books...align the new reading room.
family heirloom maps of their old stomping grounds
in upstate NY awaiting their chance to fill the walls...
 Her studio now in the updated garage
often filled with the children of her students...her grandchildren...
the legacy continues.
Outside Lou's home and studio is the beautiful and natural tangle of what is old Florida
fern pathways walking away from the provocative blue.
The mingling of art and home...
Design has to work.
Art does not.